ACHISON is proud of more than 19 years of experience in the labor protection industry, we are committed to consulting and providing our customers with the most effective and cost-effective industrial and labor protection solutions. .

The safety of our customers before, during and after work is always our goal. We will try to perfect to deserve the choice and trust of our customers.

ACHISON JOINT STOCK COMPANY  , formerly known as Vi Khoa Trading – KT – Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, and was officially equitized on August 29, 2003. After 19 years of continuous development, today ACHISON has step by step up and proud to become one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of occupational and industrial safety.

ACHISON distributes a variety of WORKSHOP and SAFETY solutions for most manufacturing industries such as:

Labor protection :

  • Personal protective equipment: hats, shoes, protective clothing, protective gloves, gas masks, dust masks, anti-fall systems when working at height…
  • Protective equipment in the working environment: LOTO safety lock, chemical storage cabinet, label printer and warning device, noise meter, gas meter and warning, reflector

Cleanroom equipment:  paper, cotton swabs, carpets, rollers, clothes, gloves, shoes, chairs…

Industrial support:  grinding stone, cutting stone, sanding,  polishing , chemical, tape…

Infrastructure protection:  Oil/chemical spill response, floor scrubbing pad, anti-slip tape, absorbent material, anti-fatigue mat…

Power tools, hand tools:  drills, screwdrivers, hand saws…

ACHISON is the official distributor of famous brands in the world such as  3M, Honeywell, Brady, Justrite, Draeger, Simon, Dupont, Showa, Ansell, Jogger, Bullard, Koken, Lakeland, Cheetah, Milwaukee … in Vietnam.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality genuine products, good and stable service through a team of dedicated and professional technical consultants, reasonable delivery and after-sales policies.

VISION OBJECTIVE  of ACHISON is to become a leading industrial solution provider in Vietnam, a companion of all partners across the country. ACHISON has been and will continue to do this well with a wide distribution system from north to south, across provinces and cities across the country.

ACHISON determines the  MISSION  to constantly strive to develop together with:

  • Customer: Achison was born with the aspiration to serve the production needs of enterprises in Vietnam and help employees improve their sense of protection during work.
  • Shareholders: Achison utilizes the power of human resources, sustainable finance and more than 15 years of management experience to come up with effective business strategies, transparent and clear use of shareholder capital and maximize profits. profit for the common good
  • Supplier: Achison determines to accompany the supplier, develop together sustainably in the purpose of mutual benefit and agree towards the goal of protecting Vietnamese workers.
  • Employees: Achison builds a fair, creative, united working environment and helps each other develop. Taking human resources as a strength for sustainable development
  • Society: Achison will create beautiful values ​​through actively participating in volunteer activities and sharing with difficult circumstances. The Achison team is committed to complying with the regulations and recommendations of the state during the Covid-19 epidemic situation

We foster  core 9A values:

  • Reputation
  • Creation
  • Responsibility
  • Conscientious
  • Proud
  • transparent
  • Unite
  • Positive
  • Equal

We are not afraid to change to improve ourselves. 

20 years of experience is an important premise for us to confidently advise the best solutions for customers. But not because of that, our pride makes us forget that the world will change and those who do not move forward will automatically fall back. 

In addition to the goals of business results and the number of occupational safety projects brought to the Vietnamese industry, we soon added to the bulleted list “Quality Management System Certification”. ISO 9001:2015 by 2022”. And we act. 

From paper plans to awareness meetings to days of cleaning up both the building and the warehouse, Achison updates, revises, and tweaks little by little. Now, we are proud to have reached our goal, adding more achievements with our collective efforts: “Certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001 version 2015” assessed by Bureau Veritas and recognition. 

As Achison’s mission is towards, we will forever explore, learn, and improve to make ourselves better today than yesterday, and deserve the trust that our customers have placed in us.