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Safety risk assessments are not only a requirement of the safety standards maintained by regulatory agencies, but they also keep employees safe and production running.


Professional safety consultants

Our TÜV-certified safety specialists have comprehensive knowledge of safety standards and the production environment

Proven methodology

We assess proper setup, operations, maintenance and sanitation, process design, circuit architecture and guarding, awareness measures, training requirements and personal protective equipment (PPE)


Our assessment options augment existing safety programs and can be customized to meet your needs, from an entire plant to a single machine, whether locally or globally across the enterprise

Single source

Rely on us as a single source who understands your organization and can support you throughout the entire safety lifecycle from assessments to maintaining your current processes.

Finding Value Through a Safe Production Environment

With a strong safety culture, compliant safety procedures and contemporary safety technologies, best-in-class manufacturers have shown that they can help to protect people and directly benefit the bottom line. They view safety as an opportunity to invest in a proactive program, rather than just reacting to regulatory agency inspections or employee accidents or near-misses.