Achison applies a delivery policy based on the form of sale agreed between Achison and the Customer, specifically described in the following form:

1/ Shipping time

Acison commits to delivery time in accordance with the agreement in writing or directly with the customer.

Specific shipping time will be informed based on the receiving area, form and quantity of products. At the same time, this time will be counted from the time the customer confirms the order.

In case of shipping to the agreed location, the carrier will call the customer directly through the RECEIVED INFORMATION that the customer has provided.

Customers are required to check the accuracy of the product code, quantity and quality of the product right after receiving the goods.

2/ Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be clearly communicated to customers by Achison staff when receiving confirmation of delivery location.

3/ Delivery cases do NOT count towards Achison’s fault

The order is canceled and there is confirmation of cancellation information from the customer and Achison by email or specific text

The customer refuses to receive the goods

Customer provided wrong consignee information

The customer is not ready to receive the goods at the agreed time

At the agreed delivery time, the delivery staff waited too long without a consignee after trying to contact the customer

Cases of natural disasters beyond our control and cases of force majeure such as traffic accidents, traffic system disruption…

4/ The delivery address applies to customers who choose the method of receiving goods at the company

Address: 89/40/06-08 Nguyen Hong Dao Street, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Achison Joint Stock Company will try to be the most flexible delivery service to bring the fastest and most accurate products to customers!

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