Lifeline for Fall Protection – Define and Differences

Lifeline are the keyword used when referring to Occupational Safety for Fall Protection. However, most people do not know what specific cases need to be used. The article below will give a general overview of the types of lifeline that depend on the different work environments, so that customers can easily choose the right solution for their job requirements.

What is lifeline?

The lifeline is a fall arrest system, consisting of anchorage points and cables – enabling workers to work on high ground to move easily across a wide area vertical or  horizontal that are always connected (Lanyard, Shock Absorber) between the body harness and the anchor point.

The lifeline system including:

– ABC – Must haves: Anchorage point, Lanyard (Should use with shock absorber) and Body harness

– Hard or Fixed Components: Rope, Vertical Cable, Horizontal Cable, Rescue Equipment…

1. Vertical Lifeline

Vertical Lifeline (VLL) is designed along the ladder, to ensure that when workers climb or descend the ladder, they are always connected to the anchor (ladder). If a fall occurs, the worker will be retained by the system to avoid falling to the ground

> Lifeline installed along the ladder of buildings, towers, vertical concrete pillars …

2. Horizontal Lifeline

Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) is designed on roofs or anchor points to ensure safety at high elevations (cargo handling, warehousing, machinery maintenance, roof cleaning, gutters, …). The system consists of anchor points fixed to the project (such as corrugated iron, purlins, load-bearing walls,…) and cable ties between the anchor points. 

Dây cứu sinh chiều ngang

> Horizontal lifeline installed on the roof are designed according to the special drawing

3. Rope access/temporary lifeline

The lifeline system is temporarily installed, which can be moved vertically or horizontally for maintenance, repair, etc. After work, it is possible to remove the system and use it again.

> Lifeline are used extensively in outdoor repair and maintenance work

4. Confined Space

Confined space equipment allows the worker to be tied off and safety connected when working underground or in difficult to access areas, lack of oxy (Using with SCBA)

> Tripod is used where the plane is equal. Using with SCBA in the case of lack of oxygen, noxious or undetectable levels of hazards.

The lifeline should be properly used, and workers should be equipped with personal safety equipment such as body harness, lanyard, SRL, shock absorber… to connect to life-line.

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