Oil Spill Kit Instructrions

Note: Spill kit must be checked regularly basing on list of components inside. Spill kit user instructions in Vietnamese and English are provided, do not hesitate for more details

Step 1: Assess the nature of the spill

Before you take action, make sure the scene is safe to proceed.

Determine the source of the spill, the product(s) involved and protect yourself from any hazards that may be present. Ensure that you are properly trained and equipped to perform the spill cleanup.

Step 2: Block off the area

Warn affected employees and nearby people of the release and deny entry into the area. Notify your supervisor, health and safety representative or any other appropriate personnel (Fire, EMS, HazMat) as required by the situation and your organization’s policy

Step 3: Protect yourself

Identify and don the proper PPE needed to safely cleanup the spill (chemical resistant gloves, shoe covers, splash goggles, face protection, etc). Refer to the product MSDS or consult your supervisor and or health and safety professional for assistance

Step 4: Spill Containment

Use NanoBOOM to contain the spill to the immediate area. Prevent spilled product from entering waterways, storm drains , sewers, floor drains, etc.

Step 5: Recover spilled material

Use sorbent products (NanoPIL, NanoPAD) in your spill kit to recover all free liquids and thoroughly clean the area. 

Step 6: Collect and Package Sorbent

Sprayed powder cleaning Kleen Sweep down the oor, which oil has just spilled out, use the brush and clean the oil stain still stick on the oor. The use of dandru recovery Kleen Sweep powder has absorbed oil into waste carrying bag

Step 7: Proper Waste Storage and Disposal

Used sorbents, contaminated material and other waste products must be stored and disposed of in accordance to federal, state and local regulations.

Step 8: Replace & restock spill kit

Immediately replace or restock used spill kit components to ensure preparedness should another spill occur

Step 9: Contact ACHISON

Contact Achison Joint Stock Company for replacement advice and additional necessary solutions.

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