When buying at Achison, customers are completely assured of the quality and origin of the product. Achison commits that all products sent to customers are brand new, quality products, in accordance with the information described in the contract. Achison always tries its best to ensure the interests of customers so that consumers can always work with peace of mind

1/ Exchange due to wrong or missing products

If the customer receives the product that is not in accordance with the commitment in the contract, has technical error, lacks product, wrong number… Customers please contact immediately upon receipt of the goods or up to 24 hours from the time of receipt of the goods.

Achison would like to refuse to support any complaints about product status in case customers contact after this time.

Achison will try to respond within 48 hours after confirming receipt of the information provided by the customer.

2/ Return the product due to shipping error

In case the carrier is a 3rd party service, the product is damaged during transportation, please contact the person in charge immediately or up to 24 hours.

If the contract of inspection is signed between the carrier and the customer, Achison would like to refuse to support the return of the product.

3/ Shipping/returning costs

Achison supports to return 100% new products and refund shipping costs for one-time product exchange/return when eligible for product exchange/return mentioned above.

4/ Notes

For products that are promoted based on order or contract information, product exchange/return policy does not apply. Please check the goods upon receipt.

For quick and timely support, please contact  Hotline: 0913.820.539 or Email: achisonjsc@achison.com