Fryer without oil Joyoung KL35-D981 3.5 liter

Electronic push button control, adjustable temperature from 80 – 200 °C and easy cooking mode

The product is equipped with air outlet and vent door, reducing the temperature of the pot during operation, limiting electrical problems, burning the pot, …

With a maximum capacity of up to 1300W to save time in the kitchen

– Do not place the air fryer in a place with a high heat source, a humid place to avoid reducing the durability of the pot.

– Fry a moderate amount of food, do not put too many foods in the frying basket because they may cook unevenly, taking more time to process.

– Should use a sponge, soft cloth to clean the accessories of the oil-free fryer, do not use abrasive pads to avoid scratching the non-stick coating.