What is insulation coating? How does it work?

Are you managing a factory and encountering the problem of high indoor temperatures due to the roof absorbing too much sunlight? Are you concerned that high temperatures not only affect employee performance but also increase electricity costs due to the need to continuously use the cooling system? Or are you looking to extend the life of your roof and protect it from the harsh effects of weather? But lining the roof tiles or replacing the entire corrugated iron system is a matter of time and incurs too much cost. These are problems that many company managers and business owners encounter.

What is heat-reducing paint? How does it work?

Heat-reducing paint is a type of paint specifically designed to reflect sunlight, helping to reduce the temperature of roof surfaces and interior spaces. Heat-reducing paint often contains reflective particles and materials that can resist heat absorption, thereby minimizing the amount of heat transmitted inside the factory or building.

The operating principle of heat-reducing paint is mainly based on two main mechanisms: reflection and heat dissipation. The paint layer contains reflective particles that can reflect most solar radiation, especially UV and infrared rays, preventing them from penetrating the roof surface. At the same time, the paint layer also acts as a heat barrier, helping to dissipate heat into the surrounding environment, keeping the roof surface always cool.

An effective solution that is being trusted by many businesses today is heat-reducing coating. In particular, Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint from the US is one of the leading products on the market with the ability to reflect sunlight and reduce roof surface temperature.

Cool Roof Coatings Elastak 129

Elastek 129 PolyTek Pro coating works by creating a durable elastomeric membrane on the roof surface, reflecting most of the heat from sunlight. This membrane has the ability to expand with temperature, helping to protect the roof surface from shrinkage and expansion due to temperature changes. Thanks to that, your factory roof will always be cool and better protected.

Uses of Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint

Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint offers many outstanding uses, helping to improve the efficiency of your factory roof and workspace. This product is not simply an ordinary paint layer but also a comprehensive solution to the problems faced by factory roofs.

Reflect sunlight: One of the main uses of heat-reducing paint is its ability to reflect sunlight. When applied to the factory roof, this paint layer will reflect most of the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of heat absorbed inside. This helps maintain the roof temperature at a lower level, preventing excessive temperature increases on hot days.

Reduce roof surface temperature: With the ability to effectively reflect heat, Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint helps significantly reduce roof surface temperature. Painted roofs can reduce 5 to 20 degrees Celsius compared to unprotected roofs, bringing a cooler and more comfortable feeling to the workspace below.

Protects the roof from UV rays and harsh weather: UV rays from sunlight are the main cause of aging and damage to roof materials. Elastek coating not only helps reflect heat but also protects the roof from the harmful effects of UV rays. In addition, this paint layer is also capable of resisting harsh weather factors such as storms and strong winds, helping the roof become more sustainable over time.

Environmentally friendly: Elastek 129 does not contain harmful chemicals, ensuring safety for the environment and human health. Using this product not only helps protect the roof but also contributes to protecting the surrounding living environment.

Easy to apply: Applying heat-reducing coating is quite simple and does not require many complicated tools. This paint layer has high adhesion and is easy to apply on many different surfaces, helping to save time and costs for users.

With the above uses, Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint is the ideal choice to protect and improve the quality of factory roofs, providing a cooler and more comfortable working space for you and your employees.

Sơn giảm nhiệt Elastek 129
Sơn giảm nhiệt Elastek 129

Standards and warranties

Elastek 129 heat-reducing paint complies with strict quality standards such as CRRC, Title 24, UL 790 Class A and ASTM E-108 Class A. The product has quality that lasts up to 10 years and is warranted for 3 years .


Using Elastek 129 heat-reducing coating not only helps you cool indoor spaces and save energy, but also protects the roof from negative environmental impacts. This is the optimal solution for those who are looking for an effective method to improve the quality and longevity of factory roofs.