Cutting material is one of the important factors that makes metal cutting faster, more durable and cost effective. Here are some common materials of cut-off wheel, please refer to the selection of suitable cut-off wheel.

3M Precision Shaped Grain

3M Silver Cut –off Wheel is a new product line that perfectly combines performance and value, made from aluminum dioxide particles according to 3M Precision Shaped Grain technology.

3M cutting grain properties after contact with the workpiece will fracture to form sharp points instead of being abraded like other Cut off Wheel. With this technology, 3M makes the stone more durable and maintains the cutting speed and performance of the cut-off wheel.

3M cut off wheel cuts most of the metal quickly like steel, carbon, stainless steel, etc. Leaving no black marks when cutting helps minimize time and processing costs to abrasive or polish the product

đá cắt 3M

2. Aluminum oxide (nhôm oxit)

Aluminum oxide particles are very hard, iron, cutting speed is very fast. Chemical composition is stable, anti-heat and anti-corrosion. However, Aluminum Oxide is highly abrasive for materials that are cut, dissipated or misleading for products that require high precision.

3. Alumina Zirconias

Alumina Zirconia is a mixture of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3). During cutting ZrO2 will be separated from the front surface and harder Al2O3 particles will be separated later so cut off wheel made from Alumina Zirconia beads are able to self-sharpen during working process. However, the price of these nuts is relatively high

After use, the customer has made some comments:

– When cutting stainless steel pipes, the wear is less than 50% when using 3M cut off wheel made from 3M Precision Shaped Grain compared with cut off wheel made from Aluminum oxide.

– When cutting metal, 3M cut off wheel made from 3M Precision Shaped Grain granules are 40% less weary than Alumina Zirconia cut off wheel

Below is a table comparing the durability and performance of nuts used for cut off wheel

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